Ollie: May Animal of the Month

Meet Ollie.


He was found by a wonderful woman who took him in and tried desperately to find his owners. After weeks of no luck, she determined he must have been a stray. 

Ollie was our Animal Outreach of the Month beneficiary in May. His foster mom reached out to our nonprofit partner Inspire and Flourish for help. We teamed up to get Ollie neutered and vaccinated. 

The woman who found him agreed to foster Ollie while he was recovering from his surgery. She was unable to keep him permanently, however, so Inspire and Flourish reached out to their network and found someone who wanted to adopt him. 

Ollie is now happy living and playing with his new family. In partnership with Inspire and Flourish, we were able to supply him with a few new things he needed to get comfortable including toys, blankets, and a cat cave. 

In his new family, Ollie has a little boy who enjoys him and plays with him all day long. Ollie is such a sweet cat and we are so glad he had a happy ending. His foster mom still keeps tabs on him and checks how he’s doing at his new home.