Our Mission

At Fashions for Furry Friends, we believe pets are more than companions. They are beloved members of the family. 

As animal lovers, we find it devastating when an animal has to go without the food, supplies, medical treatment, or home they need to thrive. Our mission is to do everything we can to relieve the suffering of animals both in the United States and worldwide.

100% of the profits from the sales of our pet clothing and accessories go toward funding animal and pet transportation, food, pet supplies, medical treatment, and other necessities. We donate to animal rescues, shelters, food banks, transporters and other organizations in the animal rescue field. For a list of organizations you can help support, visit our Resources page

We partner with the nonprofit organization Inspire and Flourish which works to improve the lives of children and animals. Our donations help fund animal rescue, fundraising events, and other animal wellness efforts. 

Some accomplishments from 2020:

We partnered with 24 different rescue groups/organizations.

We donated and/or delivered dog/cat food to six different food shelves.

We participated in eight events, all of them involving donations given.

We donated money towards ten special needs cases in two different countries.

Participated in six multi-animal transports and provided vetting to multiple animals.

We did multiple acts of kindness/donations every single month of 2020.


Our Partners

Inspire and Flourish

Feeding Furry Friends 

Mutt Mutt Engine